Skill Training

Laborers shall be trained to do household chores, take care of infants, children and elderly, do the laundry, Ironing cooking, set the table and make bedroom beside the training of household chores skill, The laborers who are ready for working in Malaysia and Singapore will also be trained in English language for communication to make the fulfillment of job easy, and there are also additional education and instruction on culture, civilization, religion, law and tradition of the receiving countries and additional explanation of Labor Law and employment contract, and for communication with employers in the receiving country.

Language Training

The company has collaborated with factories as well as a number of enterprises in order for the laborers to study additional skills in line with each section (for a period of between 2 and 3 months), Such as: garment factories, agricultures, construction and food, etc. upon the completion of the training course of additional skill from factories as well as enterprises, the laborers shall come to the company to receive the training course of Japanese language to make the communication easy during their fulfillment of the job in Japan .

Pre Departure Orientation

The company guarantees to legally register [the laborers] in accordance with employment formalities, duration of going to work and process of lawful document. The representative shall be appointed to conduct an on-site inspection, to show and explain the actual situation of the type of work, articles of association, law and contract.

The company collaborates with the Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in sending and receiving the support from the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training with the ministry representative conducting an on-site inspection.